Kim Rogers

Alice is a remarkable instructor - the best I have ever worked with. Her knowledge of how the body moves and functions seems endless. Alice has transformed how I view core strength and how I exercise overall. I have worked with Alice for the past 18 months and my running times and my riding performance have significantly improved, not to mention I have better alignment and posture and increased core strength. Plus she is a delightful person so each session is very enjoyable.

Jon Vaught

I have been working with Alice for over a year now. Her combination of skills and deep knowledge of the body have been instrumental in helping me get back in shape so that I am mostly pain free and getting back into the things I love. The Thai Bodywork has been a great alternative to traditional sports massage and I find it much more effective. I have changed the way I walk, sit and do anything active. I have worked with a lot of body workers in Boulder- Alice's unique skill set and many years of experience put her at the top!

Julie Bellanca

Working with Alice has been a great experience. She has laser sharp focus and an ability to identify movement inefficiencies and suggest new patterns of movement for better alignment. Working with Alice has given me new methods to trigger the right muscles so I'm not overcompensating.  Alice is also fun to work with and she brings her all to every session!