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FIT FEET! Fitness for your Feet

Did you know that when your feet are tight and weak they affect your entire body negatively? Likewise, when they are strong and supple they effect your entire body positively!

Your feet are your foundation and your connection to the ground. Much of your body alignment and movement mechanics take their cue from your feet. Those cues should be healthy and aligned not stiff and dysfunctional. Although the feet are woefully overlooked by most exercise regimes and sports activities, they should not be!

The Diamond Fitness Foot Workshop will teach you tried and true exercises to keep your feet strong, supple and nimble so you can thoroughly enjoy and excel at the sports and activities you love from hiking, running and snowshoeing, to skiing, tennis and golf. 

You will learn:

  • Proper mechanics of gait
  • How to use the pinky ball to relieve tension and promote healthy movement
  • Exercises to strengthen your arches
  • Exercises to correct imbalances that can lead to sprained ankles
  • Exercises to stretch and strengthen the lower leg
  • Movements to relieve compression in the knee joints

Cost: $50  

This workshop includes a pinky foot ball.

Please click HERE to register and pay.

You will receive a pdf of the exercises upon completion.

Repeat any Diamond Fitness Workshop for half off!

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