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How To Fix Your Anterior Pelvic Tilt

  • Diamond Fitness 361 2nd Avenue, Suite 202 Niwot, CO, 80503 United States (map)

This is the first workshop of a series that will address common postural deviations. The human body is designed to function optimally when the skeleton is aligned correctly. Any chronic deviation from this ideal alignment may be felt as chronic tension, pain, injury, reduced performance, lack of power, etc. 

The good news is that it is all correctable! You don't just have to accept your less than ideal postural habits as written in stone. As long as you're alive, your body can change if you train it correctly and consistently. The key is knowing the right exercises and stretches and understanding what is under active  and what is over active. Then, over time, you will replace your current movement and postural habits with ones that will leave you and gravity in much healthier relationship!

How To Fix Your Anterior Pelvic Tilt is for you if your pelvis chronically tips forward leaving your back feeling tight and your abs feeling poochy and weak. This posture can range from mild to extreme but the imbalances are the same ones. When you look in the mirror from the side and see your waistband or belt at more than a 10 degree angle forward, you most likely have a postural APT.